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Biochar Burn school was put together to field test simple, ways to reduce CO2 and emissions from existing forest slash burning practices. The working theory was "We can do better".
They ran some controlled experiments, and came up with some straightforward techniques that improve forest residue burning methods and satisfy other needs of taxpayers and forest managers.
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CalForest Biochar Compost

Washington State Department of Ecology and Washington State University released:
Odor in Commercial Scale Compost: Literature Review and Critical Analysis

This is a well written and thoughtful analysis of evolving challenges to commercial compost operations. It outlines current challenges in odor management and presents possible solutions in organization of the plant, biological solutions and non-biological solutions. Thanks to Mark Fuchs who has diligently included all possible solutions to the odor problem, and we appreciate the hard work of both teams at Washington State Dept of Ecology and Washington State University.


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