Vision, Mission and Values


The Pacific Northwest contains abundant underutilized biomass resources and the technical expertise to use them more effectively. The PNW Biochar Working Group is responding to the challenge to build an economically viable industry to convert biomass into high quality biochar products. We envision an industry that improves on key ecosystem services that foster healthy plants and clean watersheds, store soil carbon, filter pollutants, and adsorb toxins through commercial applications of biochar in agricultural and grazing lands, farms and forests, parks, and open spaces.


We are a diverse group of public organizations and private companies committed to building a thriving industry that uses biochar to address our region’s pressing challenges including: environmental contamination, water quality and quantity, land restoration, forest stewardship, sustainable agriculture, and rural economic development.


  • Work together
  • Demonstrate and convey a sense of urgency
  • Act ethically and with integrity - individually and collectively
  • Take actions that have collective impact
  • Provide a return to stakeholders (investors, members, and community)
  • Be inclusive, respect diversity and behave compassionately
  • Be good stewards
  • Be transparent
  • Use sustainability as guiding principles
  • Seek low-carbon solutions
  • Foster profitable businesses
  • Promote high-quality jobs
  • Act with respect
  • Seek innovation
  • Engage all sectors of our culture
  • Seek wisdom


  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Bio-energy
  • Environmental remediation
  • Communities of place (rural and urban)
  • Communities of interest
  • Future generations


  • Develop collaborative partnerships
  • Promote efficient resource utilization
  • Educate and increase understanding
  • Evaluate and identify viable markets
  • Inform/advocate for supportive public policy
  • Facilitate collaborative research efforts
  • Develop catalytic demonstration projects
  • Invite involvement and collaboration


  • Jim Amonette Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
  • Nathanial Anderson Rocky Mountain Research Station
  • Renel Anderson Biochar Supreme
  • Jim Archuleta Umatilla National Forest
  • Howard Boyte Walking Point Farms
  • Frank Burris 3-D Timberlands/OSU Extension
  • Robin Cook Sunmark Environmental Services
  • Gloria Flora US Biochar Initiative
  • Mark Fuchs Washington Department of Ecology
  • Marcus Kauffman Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Jenny Knoth Carbon Cultures
  • John Miedema BioLogical Carbon, LLC
  • Tom Miles T.R. Miles, Technical Consultants, Inc.
  • Peter Moulton Washington Department of Commerce
  • Karl Mundorf Oregon BEST
  • Stephanie Page Oregon Department of Agriculture
  • Erin Rasmussen T.R. Miles, Technical Consultants, Inc.
  • Dave Sjoding WSU Energy Program
  • Jerry Whitfield Whitfield Biochar
  • Chip Wienert 3-D Timberlands
  • Kelpie Wilson Wilson Biochar Associates