With funding support from the US Forest Service and the Oregon Department of Forestry, the Pacific NW biochar working group is interested in learning about your recent biochar project success stories. This is an opportunity to spotlight your work and efforts to develop the biochar sector in our region (OR, WA, ID, and MT).

The Kennedy Jenks project that used biochar as part of a stormwater filter in a busy log yard for the Port of Tacoma was a winner of the American Association of Port Authorities 2014 Environmental Improvement Award.

Port Townsend Paper Co Biochar filtration totes, photo: Scott Wilson

Port Townsend Paper Company has been using biochar in downspout filter totes to capture metals flowing off the roofs and keep them out of stormwater run-off. There is a great write-up of this project in the Port Townsend Leader: http://www.ptleader.com/news/paper-mill-biochar-ma...

On December 11th, 2014 the US Forest Service and the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) hosted a meeting of the Northwest Biochar Working Group in Salem, Oregon.

The meeting brought together interested members of the Northwest Biochar community to share information, lessons learned, and to solicit ideas on the pathway forward for the development of biochar as a commercial activity in the region.

Participants discussed common market development challenges across five biochar industry segments: agriculture, horticulture, filtration, and land remediation. The meeting also reviewed survey results from previous meetings (namely the 2012 NW Biochar Working Group event in Olympia, WA) as well as collected new data from 2014 participants.

Matt Delaney and other NW Biochar Working Group stakeholders will develop a strategy paper that articulates key themes from the 2014 meeting, and identify opportunities for collective action to help propel the biochar market forward. The paper will be released in February 2015.

For more information contact Matt Delaney ( mdelaney1@centurytel.net ).

Tom McCormick of McCormick Environmental
Thatcher School Bioswale, Ojai, Ca

Minimizing the damage from flash floods and run-off from a horse pasture at Thatcher School.

More about the biochar used in the project, and the building of the wattles and the check dams:
Black Owl Biochar http://www.biocharsupreme.com

Master Gardeners’ Discovery Garden at River Forks Park
Roseburg, OR 97471

Black is the New Green
Grow it Better with Local Biochar
Biochar Expo
October 18, 2014
Master Gardeners’ Discovery Garden at River Forks Park
Roseburg, OR


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