Port Townsend Paper Company Biochar for Metal Filtration

Port Townsend Paper Co Biochar filtration totes, photo: Scott Wilson

Port Townsend Paper Company has been using biochar in downspout filter totes to capture metals flowing off the roofs and keep them out of stormwater run-off. There is a great write-up of this project in the Port Townsend Leader: http://www.ptleader.com/news/paper-mill-biochar-ma...

Port Townsend Paper is using biochar that they make on site, and would normally reburn, to filter their stormwater. This project has been demonstrating success in zinc and copper capture.

Francesco Tortorici, Myles Grey, and John Miedema have been working on the project with funds and help from the Washington Department of Ecology, Oregon State University and the Pacific Northwest Pollution Resource Center.

photo and original article by Scott Wilson, Port Townsend Leader