Building Northwest Biochar Markets, An Introduction to Biochar Products, Markets, and Opportunities

These Presentations were given, Monday January 28th, 2013 from 1:30 – 5:00 pm pst.
A Concurrent Session at theHarvesting Clean Energy Conference
Alumni Center, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon 97331


  1. Help participants understand biochar products, their use and value
  2. Foster an informed dialogue about advancing biochar markets in our region

Schedule and Links to Presentations

1:30-2:00 Welcome and Introduction: Marcus Kauffman—Oregon Dept. of Forestry
Biochar Market Overview: Tom Miles—TR Miles Technical Consultants

  • Session overview and expectations—Marcus
  • Biochar products, qualities, characteristics, specific biochar qualities for specific uses—Tom

2:00-2:30 Biochar in Retail Garden and Nursery Markets:
Renel Anderson—Biochar Supreme and
Tom Grissom—International Tech Corporation (ITC)

  • Renel will describe Biochar Supreme’s success in using biochar to grow flowers and vegetables as well as their efforts to market biochar for the retail garden and commercial horticulture markets. She will also outline needs for marketing and support in these markets.
  • Tom will describe ITC’s experience marketing biochar in the retail garden market and identify ideas for future growth in that market segment.

2:30-3:15 Biochar Integrated with Heat and Power
Jerry Whitfield—Whitfield Biochar,
John Meidema—BioLogical Carbon and Dean Foor—EC Oregon, and
Paige Roberts —Cool Planet Energy Systems

  • Jerry will describe his proprietary technology and applications for integrated production of char, heat, and energy.
  • John and Dean will review the integration of biochar production to produce sustainable carbon at the Green Lane Energy anaerobic digestion facility in Junction City, Oregon.
  • Paige will summarize their business model and ongoing biochar related research.
  • All speakers will address the challenges and opportunities for advancing the biochar market.

3:14—3:45 Networking and Poster Session Break
Steve Griffith and Gary Banowetz, Use of Biochar Originating from Gasified Wood and Temperate Grass Feedstocks as a Soil Amendment Effects on Wheat Growth

3:45-4:30 Biochar Application in Stormwater, Commercial Landscaping and Erosion Control:
Robin Cook—Permamatrix,
Jeff Hart—Kennedy Jenks,
Tom Miles—TR Miles Technical Consultants, and
Jim Archuleta—USDA Forest Service

  • Robin will describe their recent experience using biochar for road bank stabilization, industrial roof and parking lot drains.
  • Jeff will address the opportunities and challenges of biochar in stormwater applications.

  • Tom will review the WSU Demonstration Biochar in bioretention facilities for stormwater runoff.
  • Jim will provide an update on efforts to coat native seed with biochar to improve germination and plant survivability in burned areas. He will also cover the cooperative research efforts underway with USDA and multiple partners.
  • All speakers will address the challenges and opportunities for advancing the biochar market.

For more information about the PNW Biochar Working Group or this event please contact:
Marcus Kauffman
Biomass Resource Specialist
Oregon Department of Forestry

Tom Miles
T.R. Miles Technical Consultants

Thank you Harvesting Clean Energy Conference for hosting our biochar session.